Westnewton Artisan Charcuterie


After several years of home Charcuterie, using all the bits that I took  off the hog roast and cutting them up for other people, from smoking bacon, ham, sausage and fish in an old draw with bits of pipe and a dustbin lid (which I am sure the Environmental Health would have been horrified if they had seen) I have moved forward to having a proper unit and equipment to do things in the correct manner to enable me to sell my produce to farm shops, at farmer’s markets. delicatessens etc. As anyone who knows anything about meat processing will tell you, the paper work (red tape) is quite demanding consequently all shelf life testing is done locally.

All our pork is from the local area mianly from farms that I do know and visit to ensure that their pigs are not mass produced. Individual litters mainly Saddle Back and Tamworth breeds they tend to be a bit fatter than the commercial produced varieties and definitely taste better. I reckon farm to abbatoir and back to me in around 20 miles, this must surely qualify as local produce.


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