The honey b company

We are an artisan company supplying 100% unblended raw English honey. The apiary yard is located in a small village near Richmond, North Yorkshire. With the 1500 hives spread throughout the farmland of North Yorkshire and County Durham, moved to different locations ready to help pollinate crop and plants when they start to flower. 

In late April the bees are moved out to the hand selected areas. It is a very important process to ensure that they have a sheltered area out of the cold winds and away from busy roads and paths. With b’s flying up to 4 miles from their hives they have access to over 30,000 acres, It’s therefore important that each group of 24 hives are not placed in too close proximity.







After flowering has slowed the hives are then moved up to the moorland areas in late July to allow foraging on the heather flowers for pollen and nectar. The sites for the heather can be much larger with the space for more hives, sometimes up 200 at one location. The lovely Heather honey is then collected in late August. After a busy Season making honey they are relocated back to wintering sites, where they are cared for until the process starts again the following February.

Honey produced is stored in frames by the b’s in the hives, as each crop finishes, frames are collected and brought back to the extraction plant, where they are spun to remove the honey and finally put into jars and packaged just for you to enjoy.
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