First Market Nerves

 As I’m writing this I look up and see its raining.  Again.  I have rather enjoyed the cold and frost of recent days, I’ve always thought that there’s something rather magical about the low hung winter sun and the way it casts its light through the trees, but this year, coming after so many weeks of rain, it was even more special.

 I’ve also enjoyed my morning dog walk with Barney without getting soaked!  Still, I have much to be thankful for and in 2016 my husband and I are about to embark on quite an adventure.

It’s two weeks into the new year and I am looking forward to the first Barnard Castle Farmer’s Market because it will also be our first.  Jonathan and I have recently acquired Leaside Cheesemakers and, after an extended period of apprenticeship under Brian and Esme Dedman’s expert tutelage, we are being cast out to build on what can only be described as quite a legacy.

 Of course, I’ve helped, or perhaps hindered, at a few markets with the formidable pair on the cobbles before, but this time it’s just us, with product made by us, to the same excellent recipe of course, but made by us just the same, so it’s quite a test.  I feel like an actress waiting to go on stage…there’s definitely some first market nerves here! 

However, we do have two things to be thankful for.  Firstly, the people of Barney Market, the stallholders and the general public, are quite frankly, absolutely lovely, so we’re sure of a warm welcome.  

Secondly, the gods have been kind to us.  This market is being housed in the beautiful Witham Hall building.  There’s an excellent cafe for drinks and lunch, I’ve used it many times so I’m looking forward to that, and if the rain does return…or continue, we will all be in the warm and dry. 

We would all like to extend our warmest congratulations to our newest Dad, Adam Guy and his wife Catherine (Wildon Grange Dressings). James Joseph Guy, weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces was born on the 6th of January and should be fully trained by 2031. I hope both Catherin and James will come and visit us soon. 

Pop along and give us some encouragement on Saturday 6th February from 9.30am.  There’s a fantastic range of fresh local produce created with care and love.  Quality food, what could be better for beating the damp and cold of these winter months? 

Allison Raper

Leaside Cheesemakers

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