Christmas Farmers’ Market-Barnard Castle

Planning the 48-hour family-eating binge (which in our home starts early Christmas Eve, ending sometime around midnight Boxing Day), requires each dish to be carefully planned in juxtaposition of those, which follow. I think upon the Christmas Eve supper as the starter to the entire two-day, festive menu.  Crusty bread rolls filled with hot roast leg of pork and homemade apple sauce. If we’re really naughty perhaps a few potatoes roasted in goose fat.

We do attempt to break away from tradition and although I’m happy to accept the dismissal of the goose by the arrival of the three-rib roast, the sprout however remains a permanent fixture. Even if I do fight like a girl, I’ve sworn to forever defend its place on the winter dining table, or at least until they wheel me from this place into whatever retirement home they have planned. On this particular issue there is no compromise.

This year however, we’ll be enjoying a well aged, fore rib of Dexter beef. The anticipation is all part of the pleasure and although our rib has arrived early (already in the mother-in-law’s freezer), I confess having lain awake of a night thinking of the gorgeously marbled flesh, the rib I mean, not the mother in-law. I digress.

If we don’t eat a goose I will make every effort to purchase the goose fat to roast the vegetables, (from Bluebell Organics) including parsnip, carrots, leeks, garlic, celeriac and potatoes.  Pudding is still yet to be agreed, but you can be sure it will include ginger and be very sticky. Day two of the binge will begin with sausages cooked very slowly with buttered eggs. A light lunch of trout fishcakes, will conclude with an evening meal and the three-bird roast. Christmas meals are sacred. I trust you all enjoy purchasing your Christmas goodies as we hope to see you at the last farmers’ market before Christmas, on Sunday 23 December at the Auction Mart.  Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you all.

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