In the merry, merry month…

Whilst finger-walking shelves of the culinary library one morning, I stumbled upon a long overdue title, ‘Roast Chicken and Other Stories’. The book fell open on a well-read chapter by Simon Hopkinson with a recipe I know only too well; roast leg of lamb with anchovy, garlic and rosemary. Removing the small pool of water collecting from the side of my mouth, I reminisced on smells this dish perfumes the air when you slice into the lamb releasing wafting clouds of garlic and rosemary. I once courted a girl named Rosemary it started off in Durham but ended up in tears. I digress once again.

One of May’s treats also has to be asparagus, usually available from Blue Bell Organics at the farmers’ market. It has a fine delicate flavor, one we enjoy with boiled eggs (defensive cuts on government spending), I’ll avoid politics and turn to poultry, always top of our menu (thinking chicken salad with tzatziki dip).

Once during a family camping trip, I cut myself shaving while washing my face in the morning dew on the first day of May. Those searching for eternal youth, however will find more benefit eating well, avoiding processed foods. Green foods in particular are alkalising helping to encourage good skin.

Back to the plot. Barnard Castle Farmers’ Market during the merry month is a hands-on celebration of all things good, with market stalls selling fresh produce and crafts. The food calendar is also preparing for a busy month with dozens of food festivals springing up throughout the UK. Are we not a nation of food lovers?…I believe so, and the farmers’ market in Barnard Castle is testimony to the large crowds of visitors who arrive each month searching for the very best in food and drink, not forgetting a host of independent traders in our fine market town.

You’ll find us on the cobbles from 9.30-3.00 with our beautiful complexions and plethora of all things good.



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